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RAFI 纳安斐电子(上海)有限公司

RAFI 纳安斐电子(上海)有限公司

所属行业: 工控/自动化  



R&D Assistant / 研发部助理

R&D Assistant / 研发部助理

6000-8000 上海-闵行区 经验1-3年 本科学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2019-11-15



Purpose of JobCoordinating R&D internal tasks, collecting and preparing information for R&D Leader, support R&D teamsMain Responsibilities[01] maintain R&D Directors project and resource plan
[02] progress purchasing of parts used for R&D basic research and prototypes
[03] arrange R&D Director regular meetings and do the protocol/meeting minutes
[04] propose, plan and host R&D team building activities
[05] provide support for R&D team leaders in resource planning - side activity to [1]
[06] plan R&D department stuff
[07] collect R&D KPIs and prepare monthly KPI-Report to R&D Director
[08] maintain R&D budget plan and report monthly to R&D Director
[09] maintain R&D asset list in coopeation with FM
[10] plan, arrange and settle R&D staff business trips
[11] support R&D Leaders in annual business planningRequirementsEducational Background
Bachelor or higher degree is not a must, technical or financial background is preferredExperience
good English in writing and talking, minimum 2 years experience in Administration, working knowledge in budgeting, working knowledge in managing bigger projects (using MS Project), knowledge in using MS OfficeAbility
work hard and under pressure, clear and structured thinking, can deal with and can manage problem situations, honest and fair, team-oriented, addressing problem directly and working with others on a solution, is a motivator

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