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西门子(中国)有限公司 西门子中国研究院(CT)

西门子(中国)有限公司 西门子中国研究院(CT)

所属行业: 工控/自动化  



(SLC CT) 知识产权顾问(机电、电力电子、物理方向)I

(SLC CT) 知识产权顾问(机电、电力电子、物理方向)I

薪资面议 上海 经验不限 不限学历 全职 招聘 若干 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2018-07-14



What are my responsibilities?- Evaluation and portfolio management;- Effective IP risk management, e.g. searching, patent clearing, freedom-to-act analysis, validity opinion, other legal advice, etc.;- Exploit IP and / or support other to do so;- IP Training to biz partners, junior IP, etc.;
What do I need to qualify for this job?- Able to appropriately and quickly process flood of information;- Strong communicator with section managers and their team with different culture background;- Corporate Technology(CT) with over 1,900 research operatives worldwide, the CT (www.ct.siemens.com) occupies a special position within Siemens\' R&D facilities. It functions as an international network of expertise and as a global partner for technology and innovations. Through its R&D activities in Germany, the USA, China, India, Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe Corporate Technology helps secure the company\'s technological future and bolster its competitiveness职能类别:机电工程师

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