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6000-8000 南京-栖霞区 经验不限 不限学历 全职 招聘 若干 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2018-10-20



1.Improve productivity and throughput by using Lean Manufacturing Principles such as 5S, and Kaizen; 通过运用精益生产的原则,如5S,Kaizen, 等手法以减少总成本,提高生产率和产能; 2.Develop , improve and comply to the working process to ensure the precise master data in ERP system, BOM and manufacturing checklist system; 创建、完善和执行生产流程,确保ERP系统、BOM和生产checklist信息的精确处理; 3.Provide/improve the plant or process flow layouts to match with the requirement; 制定并改进合理的工厂及生产线布局以满足生产需求; 4.Select optimum capital equipment , fixtures and tools as appropriate; then design ,justify and purchase, installation and start-up;选择***的设备,工装夹具和工具,适当的进行再设计,验证和购买以及后期的安装及运用; 5.Represent of operation sub-leader ,support new product development and transfer project on time, on quality;在新产品的开发项目和产品转移项目中作为运营部门的主要负责人确保项目按时按质的完成.; 6.Provide/update suitable SOP for specific products; 制定产品的标准作业指导书; 7.Provide/update the process documentation for products; 制定和更新产品的工艺文件; 8.Committed to product improvement, and call production situation meeting regularly; 9.Strict enforcement design notification process, handling in time and continuous following up.; 10.Assist in developing all procedures and processes to ensure the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSAHA 18001 system is fully operating; 协助开发所有的程序和流程,确保ISO9001,ISO14001和OSAHA18001系统的全面运作; 11.Assist in implementing Lean assembly system and logistics, reducing lead times and inventory and securing flow of parts and products through the value chain; 协助执行精益生产系统和精益物流系统,通过价值流的改善从而降低交货期和库存量; 12.Assisi in implementing 5S on a world-class level; 协助实施国际化标准的5S系统; 13.Implement the applicable sections of The Way We Do Things in Epiroc; 贯彻实施安百拓的行为准则 14.Assist in daily problems solving of assembly line to ensure on time delivery and quality improvement; 协助装配线日常问题的解决,以确保按时交货和质量的持续改进. 15. Assist in the t

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